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Jury Duty

Hello KGRP listeners! Since I'm a one band at KGRP, I might have to serve on jury duty which will throw a mighty monkey wrench into the Gary Ray Show schedule this week. Obviously, if I am on the air Tuesday morning, March 3, you know I didn't have to report. If I have to report, KGRP Airlines will be cruising at an altitude of 36,000 feet on auto pilot until I return. Thank you for listening to KGRP! It is a joy to get up every morning and talk to you all! I hope you are loving the music as a majority of the listeners say they love the variety and hearing songs they haven't heard in years. Deep thought, which is tough for me, went into building the KGRP music library, with you, the listener, in mind. Take care and be safe out there... -Gary

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